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About Us



Thank you for visiting our website, we cannot wait for you to see the exciting products we have available. 
ARBOREAL CLUB started in 2021 and is a small family run business. We have a passion for plants and are forever finding ways of improving the space where we live. Bringing plants into your home can have many health benefits both physically and mentally. Our aim is to bring this to you, our club members. 
We want to make sure that we are being kind to the planet by making our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. This means we do not use any single use plastic in any of our packaging (except for the nursery pot that your plant is in). All of our plants are ethically sourced and with every order made, a tree will be planted on your behalf! Check out our blog page to find out more.
Why ARBOREAL CLUB? Arboreal is Latin, meaning 'living in trees'. We have around 75 plants in our home and love the way our home feels like our very own private jungle. There is a wonderful community out there full of plant lovers who share a common interest - our club is a place where those common interests can be enjoyed, shared and explored.  


Meet the ARBOREAL CLUB team!



'Hi, my names Jim. Founder and proud owner of ARBOREAL CLUB. My passion for plants began in 2020 where I began to expand our plant collection. 2020 was a challenging year for many due to the pandemic that impacted the entire world. As for many of us, our control was taken away from us, we were banned from travel, seeing family and friends. Bringing plants into our home allowed me to explore a new interest and put my extra time and focus into something that allowed me to relax and escape from the everyday. Now we have a small jungle of around 75 plants in our home and I love how they have transformed the space where we live.'


 'Hey, I am Rob. Also founder and proud owner of ARBOREAL CLUB. House plants have been in my life since I was a child. I would watch my grandmother care for hers and wonder why she enjoyed it so much. As our home began to fill with plants, I quickly realised why she put so much time into taking care of them. I love to find new ways of making our home an interesting place to live and cannot wait to show you some of my ideas in our interiors section.'


We are excited to welcome you to our club and hope you find something you love. If you are looking for something specific, get in touch - we would be happy to help!