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Ficus Robusta - Rubber Plant

Ficus Robusta - Rubber Plant

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Ficus are known as 'rubber plants'. Their large, paddle shaped leaves project from a thick centre stem. They are well loved for their easy going nature and ability to adapt to most environments.  

The nursery pot is 17cm in diameter and the plant is approximately 70-75cm tall. A 19cm+ decorative pot is recommended. (decorative pot not included)

Don't forget to add a pot!

Light: Prefers mid level lighting but will tolerate lower lighting.

Water: Allow to dry out somewhat between watering. 

Humidity: Happy in everyday household humidity.

Top Tips: 

-Keep away from pets (can be toxic if ingested).

-Enjoys mid lighting levels (Avoid direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves).

-Allow to dry out between watering (Avoid over-watering).