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Why are house plants so great?

House plants are great for many reasons, other than the fact they look incredible! 

Physical Health: By bringing plants into your home, you are actually improving the air quality. Plants filter out the polluted air in your home naturally, meaning the more plants you bring into your home, the better the quality air you breathe. Check out our range of plants to see which ones are the best at improving air quality (although they're all up to the job). 


Mental Well Being: There are many factors in our lives that can have an impact on our mental health and well being. Taking care of plants can be more therapeutic than you would think. From the minute you bring your plant home there is a process of; finding the right spot, watering, feeding, pruning and ultimately watching your plant thrive. The process gives you a sense of control and stability whilst the growth gives you a sense of accomplishment (do not beat yourself up if your plant starts to look a little sad or dies. It happens, even to us!)


Aesthetics: If you are a plant owner already, you will know exactly what we mean when we say that plants are aesthetically pleasing. Plants have a very natural way of adding a variety of colour and texture to your space. We recommend having a few different plants as each one will add a different flair. Hanging plants look amazing near a window or in a bright corner.

Not sure which plant would suit you best? Get in touch and we will help you select the perfect plant for you. 

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