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ARBOREAL CLUB's favourite plants!

When you have a collection as big as ours, our favourite changes on a daily basis! But here are a few of our favourites and why we love them so much:



This plant is called 'Peperomia Prostrata' or more commonly knows as 'String of Turtles'. This plant is so unique in the way that is has the most delicate vines that hold the most stunning circular leaves with an intricate pattern that replicates a turtle shell. They are considered a semi-succulent and it looks excellent sitting on top of our book case with the vines trailing down. This plant is also pet friendly and is not too fussy! We are working hard to get this plant in our store, keep an eye out!  






This plant is called the 'Croton Pictum'. This plant is spectacular in the way it's foliage ejects from the centre, with vibrant green leaves decorated with splashes of yellow. The 'Croton' family are known for their display of colours within their foliage and certainly add a unique focal point. Check out our 'Codiaeum Petra' which is also part of the 'Croton' family. 







Another one of our favourites is the Maranta Amabilis Mint. First of all, they're pet friendly which is always a winner in our book! But also, their foliage is like small pieces of artwork collected together creating a display of unique beauty. They are very easy to take care of and they look incredible. Maranta are a 'Prayer Plant' which means during the day, their leaves fan out absorbing the sunlight and during the night their leaves fold up in a prayer-like fashion.