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One tree planted for every order made!

ARBOREAL CLUB are passionate about giving back to the planet. All of our packaging is widely recyclable and we do not use any single use plastic in our packaging (except for the nursery pot containing your plant - but we are working on this). As a way of giving back to the planet and offsetting our CO2 emissions, for every order our club members make, a tree will be planted on your behalf. Read more here.

ARBOREAL CLUB's top plant care tips:


Ensuring your plant has the correct levels of sunlight is key to their ability to thrive in your home. Once you have chosen the ideal spot for your plant in your home, try not to move it! Check to see what plants would be happy in your home.


All plants require water to survive. Some more so than others. As a general rule of thumb (or finger): place the tip of your finger 2 inches into the soil. Does it feel dry? It is time to water!


There are many different ways you can show your plant you love them; Give their leaves a good clean with a damp cloth so they can breath better, mist their leaves to increase humidity, add fertilizer to enrich their soil and aid their growth.

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Love my new house plant! Delivery was quick and professional. The packaging was eco friendly which was a great touch, also my plant came with care tips. Jim and Rob are great


Slick and professional service. The plant I selected arrived promptly and was very carefully packaged. It was a beautiful, healthy plant. Big relief as have been let down by other companies before. There was a handwritten care guide included. I get the feeling that this is a venture that has a lot of genuine care invested. Both for the plants and the customer! Will definitely be reordering again. A very positive experience.


Received my first order so quickly, and so well packaged! Ordered a plant and a pot and both are so beautiful ! The website is super easy to use as it contains lots of detail about the plants - can’t wait to order again



House Plants. Interiors.

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